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    Expert engine reconditioning in Brisbane

    Due to the fast paced developments within the engineering industry, any forward-thinking engineering and engine reconditioning business needs to be on its toes.
    Here at Mendham Engineering Pty Ltd, we are consistently working to provide excellence and innovation in every aspect of the engineering and engine reconditioning services that we provide.

    A diverse range of engine reconditioning solutions

    By providing a diverse range of engine reconditioning solutions, engine component assessment, and inspections, we are able to assure you of the highest levels of engineering excellence at all times.

    Our engine reconditioning services include:

    • Crack detection and pressure testing
    • Engine block machining and crankshaft grinding
    • Shot peening services
    • Connecting rod reconditioning
    • Cylinder head overhauls
    • Surface finish testing
    • Supply of engine rebuilding kits and parts
    • Laser Alignment Testing
    • Spray Welding of Block Surfaces
    • Water Ferrell position sleeving
    • Top and Bottom Liner position Repair
    mendham engineering pty ltd V16 Caterpillar on Rottler CNC borer

    Ongoing development in engine reconditioning

    In line with our policy of providing our clients with the best possible levels of engine reconditioning and engineering excellence, we are consistently reinvesting in the latest machinery and methodology. 

    State-of-the-art engine reconditioning technology

    As engine reconditioning specialists, we are proud to offer solutions for requirements of any level of difficulty. Engine blocks are machined on our new Rottler F99Y CNC controlled boring and facing machine at our facility in Brisbane. This state-of-the-art technology ensures exceptional accuracy and a surface finish equal to or exceeding the O.E.M specifications.

    Whatever your automotive engineering or engine reconditioning requirements may be, we are confident that we have the dedicated engineers and machinery needed to provide you with the perfect engineering solution.

    Call us now on 07 3275 3311 .

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